A mission from the Vietnamese Embassy in Argentina and Uruguay on Mar. 6 visited Vietnamese crewmen who survived a fire on a fishing boat from the Republic of Korea at the port of Montevideo in Uruguay on March 3.

The unharmed sailors, who are staying at the Crillon Hotel in Uruguay , said their living conditions were good.

Four other sailors, who suffered from burns, are being treated at the national burns centre of Uruguay . Local doctors said three of the injured are in a serious condition.

The fire also killed two Vietnamese sailors.
At present, Uruguayan authorities are investigating the case. The ship’s owner will provide air tickets to bring the survivors and ashes of the dead sailors back to Vietnam .
Montevideo port authorities and the vessel’s agent said that of the 40 crew of the fishing boat Jung Woo III, 25 were Vietnamese. The fire broke out at 4.15am (local time) and also injured two Chinese crew members.

Another vessel of the same company, Jung Woo II, recently caught fire in waters southeast of New Zealand, taking the lives of three Vietnamese fishermen aboard.-VNA