A meeting was held in Hanoi on January 12 to celebrate the 55 th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and Indonesia (Dec.30, 1955-2010).

Speaking at the ceremony, Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam Pitono Purnomo said the bilateral relationship has developed continuously since the two countries set up diplomatic ties 55 years ago. At that time, Indonesia was the fourth nation in the world and the first in Southeast Asia to establish diplomatic relations with Vietnam .

The ambassador expressed his belief that the fine friendship between the two countries will continue flourishing in the future together with the common development of ASEAN.

He affirmed that the ceremony offered a chance for the two countries to review the 55-year path they have gone through and further strengthen bilateral ties in all fields.

Tran Chien Thang, Vice President of the Vietnam-Indonesia Friendship Association, said that over the past 55 years, Vietnam and Indonesia have witnessed strong developments in their bilateral ties, especially in economic areas such as trade.

Vietnam-Indonesia cooperation has been further strengthened thanks to each country’s active participation in ASEAN and other regional and international forums, especially when Vietnam assumed the ASEAN Chair in 2010 and Indonesia is taking the post this year./.