As spring approaches, the lush green hillsides and valleys of Mu Cang Chai district in the northern mountainous province of Yen Bai burst into the vibrant colours of wild peach blossoms. Beneath the blossoms, young Mong people embark on spring excursions, dressed in colourful traditional outfits. The sound of Mong men’s flutes echoes throughout the mountains.

The wild peach blossom has become a special symbol of Mu Cang Chai district. After the harsh winter, which is sometimes accompanied by frost, when spring arrives, clusters of wild peach flowers bloom brightly, showcasing their beauty amid a vast expanse of the mountains and forests.

Mu Cang Chai district welcomed 365,000 tourists last year, generating nearly 14.5 million USD in revenue. Those who visit Mu Cang Chai all yearn to return during the wild peach blossom season. The unique beauty has become a distinctive and appealing tourism offering, attracting visitors on spring journeys to explore the season in Vietnam’s northwest mountains and forests./.