Originating from Japan, 3D jelly is not just a dessert but also a beautiful 3D work of art, elaborately made under the skilled hands of artisans.

After three years of research and discovery, Tran Phuong Nga from Hanoi uses her enthusiasm and love of creativity to create outstanding 3D jelly cakes.

3D jelly cakes are made from simple ingredients like agar jelly, fresh milk, water, sugar, fruit, and some vegetables. With skilled hands, vivid colours such as red, violet, green, and yellow appear from amaranth, dragon fruit, green tea powder, and pumpkin.

Artisans slowly move needles in agar jelly cakes to create colourful petals. The task requires creativity and skilled hands.

The time needed to complete a jelly cake depends on many factors. There are cakes that Nga can complete in just 10 minutes while others take half a day.

Savouring a 3D agar jelly cake is like enjoying a work of art, as it satisfies both the eyes and the taste buds.

From a simple dessert, 3D agar jelly has been transformed in terms of flavour, colour, and taste. To 3D jelly cake makers, each one represents their creativity and skill as well as their love for life and family./.