One hundred blood donors nationwide will be honoured at a ceremony to be held in Hanoi on June 10 for their priceless contributions to the community.

The event is part of activities in response to the World Blood Donor Day 2012 (June 14) which takes the theme “Every Blood Donor Is A Hero”.

While recognizing the silent and unsung heroes who save lives every day through their blood donations, the theme strongly encourages more people all over the world to donate blood voluntarily and regularly.

As many as 93 million people around the world donate their blood every year.

The same day, a large-scale blood donation campaign will be launched with an expectation that 1,500 units of blood will be collected in support for needy patients.

On this occasion, there will be also a broad range of activities nationwide to honour blood donors.

President of the Vietnam Red Cross Tran Ngoc Tang, who is also Permanent Deputy Head of the National Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation, said Vietnam has, to date, had millions of blood donors and many of them donate their blood regularly.

While praising contribution of blood donations to saving millions of lives, Tang said the blood donors deserve to be honoured as heroes.-VNA