Young people – cultural ambassadors of ASEAN hinh anh 1An ASEAN Youth Volunteer programme (Source :youthop)

Bangkok (VNA) – Young people are considered cultural ambassadors of ASEAN as they, with their skills and enthusiasm, play an active role in creating a harmonious and prosperous community. 

Socio-culture is determined as one of the three key pillars of the ASEAN Community. In the community building blueprint, socio-cultural integration is a bridge for member countries to become closer towards promoting the building of ASEAN identities through education integration, sustainable environment, and preserving ASEAN cultural heritages. 

ASEAN gives special priority to people-to-people relations via increasing exchanges and cooperation in many fields ranging from socio- culture to education- tourism.

Especially, in 2013, the association launched the “ASEAN Youth Volunteers” programme - a forum for young people to contribute to the community building.

As a common community will pose numerous challenges, young people of ASEAN in general and Vietnam in particular should equip themselves with skills essential to the regional integration such as foreign languages, computing and history knowledge.

With high efforts and determination, including contributions by youths, the building of a diversified and united ASEAN Community will be a success.-VNA