A group of 10 young people recently held a charity event in Ho Chi Minh City to raise funds for deaf-mute kids in Anh Minh Private Specialised School.

These warm-hearted folks are gathering at a coffee shop to sell old books. They share a common desire to help disadvantaged kids.

The deaf-mute community’s struggles to communicate touched their heart and inspired them to carry out “Sign Project”.

The project began from a very humane thought of the project leader, who is a high-school student.

Nguyen Do Truc Vien, Project Leader of Sign Project said: "I did scientific research last year on the deaf-mute community then I realised there are very few organisations working on them. So I decided to kick start “Sign Project” aiming to help them."

Last year, they managed to raise some 500 USD and donated to the deaf-mute community of Ho Chi Minh City. This year’s profit from selling books is expected to be delivered to pupils at Anh Minh Private Specialised School to improve their studying conditions.-VNA