More than 60 representatives from a number of the Asia-Pacific region’s stock exchanges attended the 8th Asia-Pacific New Market Forum in Khanh Hoa central province on November 30.

Addressing the event, Deputy Finance Minister Tran Xuan Ha said the forum plays an important role in promoting the development of the regional stock market and improving the investment environment in the region’s countries.

He said Vietnam is seeking solutions to turn its stock exchanges into effective and secure channels for mobilising business capital while simultaneously protecting investors’ benefits.

Participants agreed that the regional stock exchanges are facing daunting challenges arising from the global economic recession and other recent changes.

They shared their experiences in improving the quality of the securities market, especially newly established exchanges.

Other items on the agenda included development policies, liquidity improvement mechanisms, and the application of business administration techniques to operating stock exchanges.

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Director General Atsushi Saito noted that stock exchanges are responsible for not only listing products but also for ensuring the products’ quality.

Ravi Narain, General Director of the National Stock Exchange of India, stressed technology’s crucial role in improving liquidity. However, the development of technical applications must go with careful scrutiny and continual monitoring to prevent technical risks and protect the exchanges’ smooth operation.

The Asia-Pacific New Market Forum is an initiative of the Korea Exchange (KRX). It was launched in 2001./.VNA