Leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) on Nov. 17 inked the Bali Declaration on the ASEAN Community in a Global Community of Nations, or Bali Concord III, within the framework of the 19 th ASEAN Summit in Bali , Indonesia .

Based on regulations of the ASEAN Chapter and with an awareness of the strategic importance of ASEAN Connectivity in accelerating integration and improving the international status of ASEAN, cooperative process and friendship between ASEAN and dialogue partners and the necessity to enhance ASEAN cooperation in key global matters, ASEAN leaders decided to approve the bloc’s joint platform on global issues.

The Concord stipulated an ASEAN of connectivity and closer cooperation in international matters of mutual concern, an increasingly common voice for ASEAN at related international forums; an ASEAN with enhanced capacity to contribute and deal with key global matters of mutual concern for the interest of all member countries; and an ASEAN Secretariat with increased enforcement capacity.

The ASEAN member countries pledged cooperation in the fields of politics-security, economics, and culture and society at both regional and global levels.

The political and security cooperation will contribute to ensuring peace, security and stability, not only through consistently respecting basic principles of international law and peacefully settling disputes but also promoting mediation initiatives, and actively participating in post-conflict peacekeeping and building efforts based on the willingness of each member country.

The cooperation also helps ensure international maritime traffic safety and freedom, promote maritime cooperation, continue making efforts towards a common consensus on issues related to the Southeast Asian Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty and contribute to efforts in ensuring global nuclear safety.

Regarding economic cooperation, Bali Concord III also defines agenda issues on integration, economic stability and development on the basis of goals and common principles to implement the ASEAN Economic Community and promote ASEAN’s full integration into the global economy.

In socio-cultural cooperation, Bali Concord III defines ways to strengthen global ASEAN cooperation to promote efforts to cope with climate change, mobilise the greatest participation of social classes in disaster mitigation programmes and coping with emergencies, boost cooperation among ASEAN member armies within the framework of humanitarian activities and disaster relief and step up cooperation between the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on Disaster Management and regional organisations./.