Bach Ma National Park in central Thue Thien-Hue province has organised a series of activities to protect its biological diversity.

The park has boosted its research and international cooperation in conserving and developing gene pools, successfully duplicating the two rare plant species Cephalotaxaceae and Cunninghamia.

To serve scientific research, the national park has been expanding its forestry area since 2014, including planting an additional 28 hectares of trees for ecological restoration, and collecting 153 specimens from 53 floral species.

It has also worked with several institutes to undertake research on insects and the preservation of endangered plants species including medicinal herbs.

These studies have provided substantial scientific information for biological diversity research and conservation.

According to the park’s Director Huynh Van Keo, the national park has uncovered 30 violations of the Law of Forestry Management and Protection; an illegal logging case in Huong Phu commune in Nam Dong district was brought to court.

Last year, no forest fires were recorded in the park, owing to its efforts to establish forest area frontiers and ensure fire prevention compliance, he said.

Last year, the park welcomed over 13,000 tourists to Bach Ma Mountain and around 100,000 travellers to Thuy Dien waterfall and Truoi Lake.

It also helped improve the livelihoods of locals by involving them in forest management and protection together with raising their awareness of environmental issues.

In 2015, the National Park plans to continue focusing on forest protection with increased efforts to prevent illegal animal hunting and logging.

About 60 kilometres to the south of Hue City, Bach Ma National Park covers an area of 375 square kilometres. It is home to more than 2,373 floral and 1,715 fauna species, including the endangered Tram Huong (Aquilaria crassna) and Soi Lua (Cuon alpinus).-VNA