Ca Mau tourism creates trademark, becoming spearhead economy hinh anh 1A bird’s eye view of Ca Mau Cape National Park (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – 2019 is a year in which Ca Mau tourism harvested “good fruits”. The strong acceleration of Ca Mau tourism has created a trademark among visitors.

According to the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, by the end of 2019, Ca Mau welcomed over 1.6 million tourist arrivals and earned 2.495 trillion VND (about 107 million USD), respectively increasing 16.2 percent and 13.4 percent against 2018. This is attributed to the promotion work and creative working style of the sector.

Currently roads are connecting Ca Mau city to the cape of the same name, while the Ca Mau Cape tourism complex is seeing more major and significant cultural and historical projects. The comprehensive zoning of the Ca Mau Cape National Tourism Complex has been approved by the Prime Minister, and a resolution of the Ca Mau provincial Party Committee on developing tourism into a spearhead economic sector issued. Those are favourable conditions for Ca Mau tourism to make acceleration.

Director of the Ca Mau Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Tran Hieu Hung said for tourism to continue affirming its position and with its determination to turn Ca Mau tourism into an economic spearhead sector, provincial authorities are boosting promotion work, upgrading infrastructure, maintaining and developing the model of community-based tourism, and improving the quality of tourism services.

Ca Mau tourism creates trademark, becoming spearhead economy hinh anh 2Tourists at marker of Ca Mau Cape. (Source: Vietnam Pictorial)

Besides, they are also paying special attention to the preservation and promotion of the relic values in close association with the tourism development, turning the relics into tourist attractions.

According to a representative of the centre for the promotion of investment and support for enterprises of Ca Mau, at the recent 2019 Ho Chi Minh City International Tourism Fair, together with other Mekong Delta localities, Ca Mau popularised and called for investment to a number of projects on culture, sport and tourism. Prominent among the projects area those on the U Minh Ha National Park in U Minh and Tran Van Thoi district, the Ca Mau Cape Culture and Tourism Park in Ngoc Hien district, and the water sports complex in Ca Mau city.

Tourism is among the key sectors that enjoy investment incentives by the provincial authorities, with preferential policies on land rent, land rent service prices, service income tax, and import-export tax.

Ca Mau province has pledged every favourable condition for investors who come to explore and make investment into the locality. Besides, it is also pushing up administrative reform, shortening the time to clear the procedures and making clear the settlement of investment procedures.

The Ca Mau provincial People’s Committee held the Ca Mau Cape Culture and Tourism Week 2019 from December 10-15 with a series of significant activities. Those were aimed at creating a special focus that helps popularise tourism and attract tourists to the southernmost tip of the Motherland.

Chairman of the Ca Mau provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Tien Hai said in order to create a strong and extensive spill-out effect, the committee is directing relevant departments and authorities to join hands with the media in accelerating the popularisation work on Ca Mau tourism, along with the holding of exhibitions to popularise the images of Ca Mau land and people to tourists inside and outside the country.

The Ca Mau Cape Culture and Tourism Week 2019 saw important activities like food festival in association with the Ca Mau Trade and Tourism Fair which drew the participation of many enterprises from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and the Republic of Korea, as well as those from localities in the Mekong Delta./.