The Mekong Delta city of Can Tho is carrying out a project on managing farm produce quality in an effort to increase its supplies of agricultural products satisfying international standards.

Under the project, the city has taken a series of measures to help 85 percent of food producers and 80 percent of consumers get true understanding and practice about food safety by 2020.

All agro-seafood processing units are expected to apply quality management processes meeting national and global regulations.

To achieve the goals, local authorities are stepping up communication campaigns to call on local enterprises and people to abide by international and national laws on food safety, while working to recognise safe products and encourage consumers to use recognised goods.

Farm producers, processors, distributors and retailers have been urged to create close links so as to increase business efficiency and product prestige.

According to the municipal department for quality management of agro-forestry-seafood production, the city is home to 319 establishments involving in agro-forestry-seafood products. Eighty-four of them have been granted food safety certificates.

The companies of Gentraco, Song Hau, Binh An, Minh Tan, Mien Tay were recognised to meet ISO 9001 standard; Can Tho milk factory and the Fruit Republic Can Tho got HACCP certificates; while Song Hau plantation received GbobalGap certificate.-VNA