The event was organised at the Đồi Rồng international tourism site in Do Son district by Vinfast and OTV Media after two years of preparation.

It began on July 8 and completed on July 9 afternoon, forming a map of Vietnam with about 1,850 cars. Meanwhile, the current Guinness world record of 750 cars was set in China, and it took five days to form that mosaic.

At the end of the event, drivers and thousands of spectators held a flag salute ceremony. Many other activities also took place besides this program such as drifting by professional drivers, 3D lighting performances at sea, and a car race, among others.

With more than 3,000 participants, the car mosaic forming program was believed to have greatly helped popularize Do Son and Vietnam at large as an attractive destination.

This is more meaningful for caravan tours when Vietnamese people have made many transcontinental car tours but few international tourists have come to explore the country via this form of travel./.