Vietnam exported 19 million tonnes of cement and clinker by mid-December, exceeding the set target by 4 million tonnes.

The volume raked in over 796 million USD, contributing sizably to the nation’s export turnover and ensuring trade balance.

The export price of cement and clinker stands at 43.155 USD per tonne, up 2 USD compared to previous years, which is equivalent to the regional rate.

A total amount of 49 million tonnes of cement were consumed within the country by the end of November.

According to Le Van Toi, Director of the Department of Building Materials under the Ministry of Construction, the cement sector fulfilled its yearly target early, by the end of November.

He predicted that the demand for Vietnamese cement consumption in both domestic and foreign markets will range between 71 and 73 million tonnes, up 4-7 percent compared to 2014.

The need could be met as the total designed capacity of cement factories nationwide reaches 77 million tonnes in the meantime.

In the ten-month period, Indonesia was the largest importer of Vietnamese cement and clinker with a value of 90 million USD, followed by Malaysia, Bangladesh, Taiwan (China), the Philippines and Cambodia.-VNA