Sandy beaches in the central city of Da Nang welcome tens of thousands of people everyday during the peak season. The massive influx of tourists to the beaches requires the city to exert tremendous efforts to ensure beach safety and security.

As people often flock to the beaches to ease the burning summer days, My Khe and Pham Van Dong beaches in Da Nang city are always jammed with heads from 5 to 7 pm, especially at the weekends. The local security forces have kept a close watch on the crowds to ensure safety and security for visitors.

Nguyen Quang Huy, a visitor from Quang Ngai province told reporters: "Security in Da Nang is good. There are always people on stand on the beaches to ensure safety for tourists."

Despite a 60km long coastline with numerous public beaches, the city’s Beach Safety and Security Force has now only 56 members. The whole team nearly loses sleep over their daily works during peak season so as to ensure safety of visitors to the beaches.

Le Huu Huy, Vice Head of Da Nang’s Beach Safety and Security Force said: "We have sent undercover officers to go on patrol and detected several suspicious cases and handed over to the public security force. We stopped 7 cases of pocket-picking and stealing."

The Beach Safety and Security Force has worked closely with the local public security in preventing vices.

The city has installed thousands of CCTV along roads by the beaches with high density of people to enhance the safety and security of both locals and visitors.

According to Lieut. Col. Nguyen Van Tri, Head of Phuoc My Ward Public Security Force, Son Tra district, their work is to cooperate with the Beach Safety and Security Force, Military, Border Guards and so on to ensure security. They have two shifts covering both days and nights on the beaches to make sure visitors are safe and secured, he added.

The city is projected to welcome a large number of visitors until September due to numerous events during summer, including the International Fireworks Festival 2018. Therefore, the city has always worked hard to sustain the security and safety within the city.-VNA