Forest fire season begins in central Da Nang city as heat wave here is prolonged and fiercer. The city forest fire service and local firemen are increasing their patrol, and monitoring to minimize the number of forest fires.

In endless forests in Son Tra nature reserve, the fuels in the ground are immense, like fallen leaves and dried branches. In such a dry condition and low humidity like now, a reckless action by human can easily ignite a raging fire. And, it can go out of control.   

Locals living around the nature reserve are deeply aware of protecting forests there.

Among them is Le Viet Tien, who has joined a local rapid forest fire service team. When going into the forest, he often keeps an eye out all around the area, and quickly spots a fire if it is occurring.

He told reporters: "During national holidays we have to be more vigilant and look out for any situations. If the fire is little, we can handle it by ourselves, if not, then we will call for fire fighters."

As the forest fire season is in full swing, local rangers have increased their patrol. They always keep a close watch on bushes or the ground with thick fallen leaves.

Tran Thang, Chief of staff of Son Tra – Ngu Hanh Son Park Ranger said: "We broadcast public announcement to inform public of the heat wave, and regulations on forest protection." During their work shift, they often remind visitors to refrain from using lighters or causing fire, he added.

Da Nang is home to more than 62 thousand hectares of forest. It has defined fire prevention as the main task.

Since the beginning of the drought season, the city ranger force has increased its resources. It has stayed on high alert in order to be the first to deal with any forest fires.

Unpredictable weather patterns, and intense heat wave, in recent years, have caused some devastating wildfires.

To minimize wildfire-related damage, Da Nang also needs to revise its prevention strategies. 

This includes strengthening the existing fire service resources, and sending more personnel to high-risk areas to quickly get to a fire and distinguish it.-VNA