Deputy Defence Minister’s RoK visit helps bolster defence ties hinh anh 1Participants at the  Seoul Defence Dialogue 2017 (Photo: VNA)

Seoul (VNA) Deputy Minister of Defence Nguyen Chi Vinh’s visit to the Republic of Korea (RoK) from September 6-9 to attend the Seoul Defence Dialogue 2017 and the sixth Vietnam-RoK defence policy dialogue at deputy ministerial level was fruitful, contributing to enhancing defence cooperation between Vietnam and the RoK as well as regional countries.

In an interview granted to Seoul-based Vietnam News Agency correspondents, Sen. Lieut. Gen. Vinh said that the newly-formed Seoul Defence Dialogue was a significant event amidst security challenges in the Korean Peninsula as well as in East Asia.

Along with the event, this year, the RoK held defence ministerial meetings with the ASEAN countries, which showed the attention of the international community and regional countries to the role of ASEAN in security issues.

Participants at the event focused on the nuclear matter in the Korean Peninsula, he said, adding that the international community, including Vietnam, is concerned about the nuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula against international law. They hoped suitable measures would be sought to solve the issue.

At the same time, they paid much attention to maritime security, especially in the Eastern seas, including the East Sea and the East China Sea.

Vinh said that all sides continued worrying about the acts that went contrary to international law as well as the use of military pressures to seek advantages at sea, and the deployment of more weapons in the regions.

Particularly, participants showed deep concern about the reinforcement of rocks and islands into military bases or semi-military bases in the East Sea, said Vinh, who emphasised that security in the East Sea has become a global issue.

Participants agreed on the need to act in conformity with international law and through peaceful measures on the foundation of sharing common interests of the region.

Vinh affirmed Vietnam’s consistent policy of abiding by international law and persistently pursuing peaceful measures, and working together for peace and development in the East Sea.

Vietnam resolutely safeguards its sovereignty in the East Sea in line with international law, he stated, adding that the country’s stance was supported by all countries.

Another issue that drew the attention of participants is non-traditional security challenges, including cyber security, genetic modification, new series-killing weapon, he said. Vinh said that Vietnam should also be well prepared for new security matters in the future amidst the fourth industrial revolution.

He noted that ASEAN countries, including Vietnam, lauded the good-will of the RoK as it held defence deputy ministerial meetings with the regional countries.

Assessing the outcomes of the Vietnam-RoK defence policy dialogue, Vinh said that both sides shared delight at the defence partnership between the two countries over the past years.

Vietnam and the RoK had a common viewpoint on cooperating for mutual growth and settling all security issues through peaceful measures.

This year, Vietnam highlighted the independence and self-reliance as well as responsibility to the international community and the region, the strengthening of defence cooperation with other countries, and the participation in UN peacekeeping operations and activities of ASEAN.

Vinh said that along with cooperation in overcoming war aftermaths with the RoK providing 20 million USD for Vietnam’s bomb and mine clearance effort, the two countries have also affiliated in maritime security.

Vietnam highly values the RoK’s support in recent years, especially the provision of three vessels to the Vietnam Coast Guard, and assistance in personnel training.

The RoK has also committed to continuing aiding Vietnam with equipment and means for national sovereignty protection at sea, revealed Vinh. -VNA