Research on climate change and strategies to generate income in the central coast region topped the agenda of a workshop held in Hanoi on October 2.

The workshop focussed on the issues of poverty, climate change and air pollution. The research and strategies discussed will also serve as a foundation for measures to cope with climate change in central Vietnam , which are expected to be proposed to the Government, said Director of the Poverty and Environment Project (PEP) Truong Manh Tien.

Research shows that the residents living along coastal areas are facing impacts triggered by climate change such as flooding, storms, drought, inundation of cultivated land, and an increase in average annual temperatures and rain levels.

The workshop also dealt with the relation between climate change and air pollution as well as setting forth measures to minimise adverse impacts of the two problems.

Delegates to the workshop also devoted attention to efforts to reduce green house gases and the zoning of construction and development in urban centres along the coast./.