Local authorities are searching for a new habitat for the critically endangered Indochinese silver langur (or Trachypithecus germaini), to save the species from extinction.

Deputy Director of Hon Dat Forest Management Board in southern Kien Giang Province Phan Van Hung said the excavation for raw materials for cement production in Khoe La Mountain was destroying Bai Voi Mountain , the home of more than 70 langurs.

He said the board was working with the Tropical Biology Institute to conduct a study on Hon Chong mountain in Kien Luong district's Binh An Commune to assess how easy it will be for the langurs to adapt to this environment.

Hon Chong mountain is within the Kien Giang Biosphere Reserve, which was recognised by UNESCO in 2006.

Listed in Vietnam Red Book as "extremely threatened," Indochinese silver langurs have blackish grey faces and long light grey ‘whiskers'.

In 2007, local scientists discovered 23 other members of the species at Bai Voi Mountain./.