Erosion risk in central Quang Tri province hinh anh 1The eroded embankment at Trieu Thuong No.2 reservoir. (Photo:

Quang Tri (VNA) - A reservoir embankment in central Quang Tri province is at high risk of breaching, threatening the safety of 3,000 local residents who live below the reservoir.

The province’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has suggested the local People’s Committee declare emergency status for Trieu Thuong No. 2 reservoir in the province’s Trieu Phong district due to the severe erosion of its embankment.

If the embankment breaks, huge amounts of water from the reservoir are likely to threaten the lives of locals and inundate 730 ha of land and infrastructure.

Embankment erosion first occurred in 2016 after a flood swallowed 630 sq.m of land on the embankment. Many large cracks appeared.

Later in the year, reservoir managers used bamboo poles to temporarily reinforce the eroded embankment. This fix worked until this year’s rainy season.

Nguyen Sinh Cong, deputy director of a local company managing reservoir and irrigation work, said rampant erosion had occurred after heavy rains and floods.

“Erosion continues at the base of the embankment and this has created many big sink-holes along the dyke, indicating the imminent collapse of the embankment,” he said.

Ho Xusn Hoe, deputy director of the province’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said he had worked with the local Department of Construction to inspect the reservoir. Hoe said in addition to the eroded embankment and sinkholes, they also found a big hole at the base of the embankment.

“This needs to be reinforced by concrete," he said. "The departments have worked with the provincial People’s Committee to seek approval for the disbursement of 3.7 billion VND (170,000 USD) for the job,” he said.   

Nguyen Duc Chinh, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, said he had approved the capital allocation, adding that urgent repair work would be conducted later this month. -VNA