For the recent past, the mountainous district of Tra Bong in the central province of Quang Ngai has taken full use of development projects for local ethnic minority groups. Thanks to that, their living conditions have seen considerable changes.

The 500m road connecting two hamlets of Tra Son commune, Tra Bong district has been concreted. The Irish government’s non refundable aid project makes it easier for people of the two hamlets to travel and do business.

In conjunction with investment for essential infrastructure, Tra Bong district has paid heed to supporting local production. During 2014-2019, the district has allocated tens of billion dongs sourced from the government programmes to provide local farmers with varieties of plantations and animals.

The implementation of the support projects has helped create a momentum for boosting households’ economy, thus contributing to poverty reduction. Current the nation’s poverty reduction rate cut down to 32.23 percent was resulted from such projects.-VNA