The exhibition features 40 works from six French street artists.

Bouda, 28, was born in Ho Chi Minh City and now lives and works as an artist, illustrator, and mural painter in Paris.

Her creations revolve around urban life and are inspired by the lifestyles and cultural diversity of countries she has visited.

The opening ceremony included a live art presentation from Bouda and rides and tricks by Vietnamese skateboarders.

The exhibition also showcases the works of four Vietnamese artists - Amm Banhmi, VuiQá, Cresk, and Daes - who will take part in an art residency at Superposition, an association for the promotion of urban cultures in Lyon, France, in June.

The artists use shapes, lines, and bright colours to transform white skateboard decks into unique works.

Organised by the French Institute in Ho Chi Minh City and Superposition, the month-long exhibition aims to bring skateboarding culture and urban art to local connoisseurs./.