Foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises and foreign investors can now open direct investment capital accounts in Vietnamese dong from September 25, besides accounts in foreign currencies.

This was one of the most important regulations in the circular 19/2014/TT-NHNN issued by the State Bank of Vietnam on August 11 to explain the Decree 70/2014/ND-CP about the management of foreign currencies in FDI operations in the country.

The old Decree 160/2006/ND-CP, only allowed the opening of direct investment capital accounts in foreign currencies.

Foreign investors will also be allowed to use their revenues in Vietnamese dong or foreign currencies while reinvesting in the country.

According to the new regulation, foreign investors can transfer a part of the capital into Vietnam before being granted investment licences to start work on the project, which could be accounted for in legal expenses.

Foreign investors can also use their revenues in Vietnamese dong to buy foreign currencies from authorised banks and transfer them abroad within 30 days.

In addition, the funding from both foreign and domestic investors in foreign-invested companies must be made through bank transfers, the circular said.

A representative from the State Bank of Vietnam was quoted by the SaigonTimes as saying that the circular aimed to improve the management of the FDI flow and inflow through the banking system and prevent price transfers.

The Decree 70/2014-ND-CP issued late last month to replace the Decree 160/2006/ND-CP from September 5 also said that all transactions and cash payments for exports and imports of goods and services must be conducted by bank transfers through authorised credit institutions.- VNA