The Prime Minister has approved the project “Promotion of non-fired brick (NFB) production and utilisation in Vietnam”, funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

The project will be carried out through the country in five years with a total investment of nearly 39 million USD, of which 2.8 million USD will be provided by GEF as non-refundable aid through the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

Its expected outcomes are to promulgate policies that encourage the NFB manufacturing and use, strengthen the capacity of relevant government bodies in the field, and increase the number of local NFB providers.

It will also help enhance the availability of sustainable financial resources for investment projects on NFB and its technology; boost confidence in the financial feasibility as well as economic and environmental benefits of NFB production among financial institutions, brick manufacturers and management bodies; and increase the market share of non-fired bricks.

The project’s overall purpose is to help Vietnam reduce the annual growth rate of greenhouse gas emissions by gradually reducing the use of fossil fuels and good quality soil for brick making, while increasing the production, sales and utilisation of NFBs.

It is estimated that the direct and indirect cumulative CO2 emission reductions will be 383 ktonnes and 13,400 ktonnes, respectively, within 10 years after the project ends.-VNA