Geological survey efforts in 2014 revealed substantial discoveries, including the highlighted volcanic cavern system in Krong No district in the Central Highlands province of Dak Nong, the General Department of Geology and Minerals of Vietnam (DGMV) reported.

The cavern system holds significant scientific and aesthetic value and is potentially the largest volcanic grotto in Southeast Asia, according to Vietnamese and Japanese scientists.

In 2014, the DGMV also conducted a survey of coal reserves under the Red River Delta, uncovering the location of major coal seams and a coal reserve of nearly 1.46 billion tonnes in the southeast coastal area of Tien Hai district in northern Thai Binh province.

Another survey revealed an estimated 4.56 billion tonnes of crude bauxite ore and 3.13 billion tonnes of laterite ore concentrated in the Central Highlands.

DGMV Deputy General Director Bui Vinh Kien said the agency will continue to expand its surveys in 2015 with a focus on exploring uranium ore deposits in Nam Giang district of central Quang Nam province, bauxite and laterite ore in southern Vietnam, and coal resources in the Red River basin.-VNA