Experts shared their assessment on the global employment situation, particularly jobs for young people, at a four-destination video conference connecting HCM City, Hanoi, Sri Lanka and Tokyo.

The video conference was held on November 29 by the Tokyo Development Learning Centre, World Bank, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Asia-Pacific Development Learning Network.

José Manuel Salazar, Executive Director of the Employment sector of ILO, said that the Asian labour market is showing signs of recovery while the unemployment rate is increasing in Europe .

In this context, young people all over the world are facing great challenges in finding jobs, Salazar said, adding that among an estimated 200 million jobless people in the world, 75 million are in the 15-24 age group.

He suggested that governments in countries with high unemployed rate should invest more in generating jobs for the youth, equipping them with better working skills and creating a bridge between businesses and youngsters.

Sharing his viewpoint, Keijiro Otsuka from the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Tokyo, Japan, called for policies to develop agriculture and small and medium-sized enterprises to create more jobs. He also proposed providing credit to young entrepreneurs so that they can invest in industry zones./-VNA