Ho Chi Minh City’s consumer price index (CPI) in October increased by 0.17 percent against the previous month and 4.89 percent year on year.

According to the municipal Statistic Office, the increase was attributable to price hikes in seven out of eleven groups in the commodities basket.

The highest price rise, 0.41 percent, was recorded in food and restaurant services, pushed up by a 0.85 percent increase in the cost of meat and vegetables due to storms and flood.

However, the rice price has decreased by 0.19 percent, contributing to a total decrease of 3.64 percent from the beginning of this year due to impact of gloomy rice export markets.

The prices of transportation, telecommunication, culture-entertainment and other commodities and services also saw declines.

This month, the price of gold dropped by 1.83 percent over last month and 20.24 percent against December last year while the USD price fell by 0.1 percent against the previous month but up 1.33 percent year-on-year.-VNA