Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) sold 3.818 trillion VND (175.1 million USD) worth of government bonds in 24 auctions in May.

The exchange said the total value of bonds sold in May was less than half of the G-bonds sold in April.

The State Treasury of Vietnam offloaded bonds worth 3.408 trillion VND (156.3 million USD), and the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies sold bonds worth 410 billion VND (18 million USD) during the sale.

HNX said compared to April, the trading volume of G-bonds sold in the primary market in May fell by 55.2 percent. The trading volume of bonds sold in April was already 50.9 percent less than that in March, HNX said.

The coupon rate of five-year bonds was 5.40 percent per year, 0.08 percent lower than the rate in April. The coupon rate of 15-year bonds was between 7.52 and 7.70 percent per year, an increase of 0.28 percent over April.

Meanwhile, in the secondary market, the total volume of outright trading in May amounted to 537 million bonds, worth 57 trillion VND (2.6 billion USD). Compared to April, it was an increase of 11.5 percent.

The trading volume through repurchase agreements (repos) was 240 million bonds, equivalent to 34 trillion VND (1.56 billion USD), an increase of 23.2 percent over April.

The repos of government-backed bonds constituted 7.2 trillion VND (330 million USD) of the total. Foreign investors made outright trading, worth 9.3 trillion VND (426.6 million USD) in purchase value and 7.8 trillion VND (357.7 million USD) in sales value. Foreign investors also made repo buying of 727 billion VND (33.3 million USD) and had no repos selling in May.-VNA