Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai inaugurated the first 90-MW turbine of a hydro-power plant in Dak Nong province on Jan. 8 when it was also linked to the national grid.

The Electricity of Vietnam Corporation is building the Dong Nai Hydro-power Plant No.3 whose two turbines will generate 180MW at a cost of 5.675 trillion VND (283 million USD) in Dak Glong District.

Speaking at the inauguration, Hai said the developments of the past week, such as the groundbreaking for the Lai Chau Hydro-power plant and the completion of the Son La, Song Tranh No. 2, Seprok, and Dong Nai No. 3 Hydro-Power Plants, will ensure sufficient supply in 2011-15.

They also mark the 11th Party Congress to be held in Hanoi this week.

Hai asked EVN engineers and workers to run the plant safely and effectively, ensuring both power supply to the national grid and irrigation of areas along the lower section of Dong Nai River.

He also asked EVN to speed up work on the second turbine to better regulate water for other hydro-power plants on the river.

Dong Nai Plant No3 is the ninth hydro-power projects on Dong Nai River which contributes around 16 percent of the country's total power supply./.