Energy Minister Ignasius Jonan (R) and Sweden Energy Minister Ibrahim Baylan (Photo:
Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia and Sweden have agreed to boost their cooperation in renewable energy to generate more clean electricity. 
Indonesia hopes cost of electricity produced by hydro and wind power plants will be cheaper through its cooperation with Sweden which has experience in developing renewable energy-based power plants, said Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignasius Jonan.
By signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Sweden, the Southeast Asian country expects to develop new and renewable energy to generate environmentally-friendly power sources which will be soon implemented across the country. 
The development of new and renewable energy – based power plants will be adjusted to the geographical condition by taking into account large resources found in the locations for the power plants. It is also a basis for Indonesia build gas-fueled or hydro power plants at particular locations. 
Meanwhile, Swedish Coordinating Minister for Policy and Energy Ibrahim Baylan said both countries should develop environmentally friendly power plants.
The target of energy policy is to ensure electricity supplies to industries and households with competitive prices and the smallest possible effects to the environment, he added.
Sweden now holds the highest share of the renewable energy market and offers the lowest price of new and renewable energy in the European Union.
It also recorded significant economic growth over the past 30 years by using less power than 30 years ago.-VNA