Indonesian President vows no tolerance for rioters hinh anh 1Indonesian police in Surabaya (Source: AFP)
Jakarta (VNA)Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced on May 22 that he would not tolerate anyone disrupting the security or unity of the country, or the democratic process.

The statement was made in the context of at least six deaths and over 200 others injured in demonstrations that turned into riots in Jakarta, after the General Election Commission announced the result of presidential election.

Talking to the media, Widodo urged all sides, including those protesting, the police, and the military, to refrain from physical violence.

The same day, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Wiranto confirmed that riots on May 21 night and May 22 dawn were conducted by those outside Jakarta, adding that there are indications that the mobs were paid and bent on causing chaos.

The Indonesian police have identified the mastermind behind the scheme. They affirmed that security forces, including military personnel, were not armed with live bullets.

The government temporarily blocked certain social media functions to prevent inflammatory hoaxes and fake news.

Minister of Communications and Information Rudiantara said the blocked features included sharing videos and photos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.–VNA