The inter-bank rates in Vietnamese dong fell from Mar. 19-23, according to the State Bank of Vietnam .

For one month and two month loans, the rates dropped by 0.47 percent and 0.82 percent, respectively. The rate for a 24 hour loan reduced by 1.01 percent and for a three week loan the rate reduced by as much as 2.11 percent.

For transactions in US dollars, the rates for loans of less than one month tended to rise, with increases ranging from 0.11 percent for two-week loans to 0.50 percent for one month loans.

Meanwhile, the rates for loans with terms of between 2-6 months and over 10 months fell. The rate for 6-month loans dropped by 1.04 percent to 2.56 percent a year.

In the same period, the inter-bank VND/ USD exchange rate hovered around 20,860 – 20,920 VND per USD, representing a slight increase due to higher demand from businesses.

Statistics released by credit institutions showed that the total inter-bank transactions during the last week were over 272.7 trillion VND (13 billion USD). Most of them were 24 hour or one-week loans.-VNA