Vietnam has been very efficient in its plans of evacuating migrant workers from chaotic Libya , said an International Organisation for Migration (IOM) official.

“The Vietnamese government has established close coordination with private sectors, government authorities and IOM to be able to register and process necessary procedures for migrant workers to return to Vietnam in an orderly and safe manner,” Fernando Calado, head of the IOM’s Emergency and Post-Crisis Division told the Vietnam News Agency in Geneva on March. 7.

As many as 8,476 Vietnamese guest workers escaping from political chaos in Libya had returned home by the end of March 8.

To help Vietnam and other countries to bring their workers from Libya, IOM developed a coordinating mechanism with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and set up its branches in Tunisia, Egypt and Nigeria to support governments to take their workers home, he said, adding that with this mechanism, IOM has helped the Vietnamese government bring its workers home safely.

Fernando said that on March 8, IOM planned to transport 392 Vietnamese workers home from Tunisia . One day before, the organisation brought 191 others from Egypt to Vietnam .

“We are ready to support the Vietnamese leaving Libya in an orderly return to the country. Our major concern now is how to bring the rest of Vietnamese migrants back home safely,” he said.

IOM is also trying to find a way to assist Vietnamese migrants in Algeria as well, he added.

According to Fernando, IOM and Vietnam , a member of the organisation, have been developing an excellent partnership. IOM Director General William Lacy Swing visited Vietnam last year where he held fruitful discussions on cooperation on a broad range of migration issues.

“Through joint response to the current migration crisis over Libya , the IOM-Vietnam partnership will be further strengthened,” he stressed./.