The Tuong Huy Co. Ltd. in the Central Highlands of Lam Dong is exporting 2.880 moon cakes to Japan.
The trade deal is worth 56 million VND (2600 USD), and marks the first sale of moon cakes from the Central Highlands to overseas markets.

Each box of moon cakes contains 18 cakes with over 10 difference flavors, including ham, turkey, and coconut milk. The moon cakes weigh 40g each, and are wrapped in tin foil and Polypropylene plastic, guaranteeing food safety for Japanese consumers.

Moon cakes are a must have delicacy on the occasion of the annual Mid-Autumn festival. They symbolise luck, happiness, health and wealth, and during the festival they are usually accompanied by colourful lanterns of different shapes and sizes, making this a favourite holiday for children.

This year’s Mid-Autumn festival falls on September 8th.-VNA