Vietnamese will have a chance to learn more about the unique culture of Japan at the Cool Japan Fukuoka Fair 2014, to be held on January 18 and 19.

The fair, which will be held at the National Museum of History on 25 Tong Dan Street in Hanoi, will showcase a number of activities, including a fashion show featuring Kawaii costumes, demonstrations of the art of paper folding known as origami and manga painting.

In addition, Japanese make-up artists will update female visitors on the latest make-up trends in Japan.

Along with the fair, organised by the authority of the Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan in collaboration with the museum, an exhibition dedicated to Japanese culture will also be held within the museum.

Seventy exhibits will highlight Japanese antique ceramics, Buddhism-themed sculptures, samurai, the Mongol invasion of Japan in the beginning of the 13th century and the development of ties between Vietnam and Japan.

The exhibition will open to the public from January 16 to March 9.-VNA