In Sa Pa, the leading tourist destination in Lao Cai, the “Sa Pa Summer Festival 2022” programme has kicked off, with 18 events to be held before the end of July. New products and services under the programme have been attracting attention from visitors nationwide.

After tourism was fully reopened, Sa Pa launched many new check-in points to attract tourists, especially young people. These check-in points are becoming popular among visitors, as they are imbued with traditional indigenous cultural identities.

Figures from Lao Cai authorities show that the total number of visitors to the province topped 1 million in the first four months of this year, fulfilling over 27 percent of the year’s target.

With the active participation of the local business community, authorities and people, Sa Pa’s tourism sector in particular and Lao Cai’s in general is certain to grow strongly once again in the near future./.