The Khuoi Nan 2 fruit cooperative was established in 2017 with seven household members. Its total area with oranges under cultivation was nearly 10 ha upon establishment. Na Ri district’s agricultural sector has proactively guided households in cultivating oranges organically, which means limiting the use of pesticides in all stages.

In addition to Na Ri, Bach Thong district also cultivates sweet oranges on a large area. Thanks to the application of scientific and technological know-how in production, the model of intercropping with citrus fruit has achieved major results for this farming family.

Figures reveal that the scale of agricultural production in the province remains quite small. There are no links between households and production facilities, and product quality is not high.

Nine suppliers in Bac Kan province have recently signed a contract with the Big C supermarket chain in Hanoi, creating stable livelihoods for 200 farming households, primarily ethnic minorities./.