Cities and provinces across the country are preparing a wide range of activities to celebrate the 38th anniversary of the Liberation of South Vietnam (April 30) and the 127th anniversary of May Day.

In Hanoi, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will organise 64 art performances across the city’s districts, wards and care centres for those who rendered services to the nation.

There are activities taking place in the Hanoi Library from April 22, including an exhibition of books, newspapers and photos that depict the nation’s Great Victory on April 30, 1975 - the day the US-backed Saigon regime was put to an end, marking a magnificent victory that reunified Vietnam .

Main streets, big T-junctions, and public sites in the capital city are being decorated with banners, slogans and flags on the occasion.

Every year on April 30, localities across Vietnam mark the Liberation of South Vietnam which stands as a shining symbol of the nation’s revolutionary heroism and one of the most outstanding events of the 20th century.-VNA