Artist Ho Lien from the Vietnam National Drama Theatre beamed with pride when talking about her trip to Truong Sa Archipelago and DK1 platform with a working delegation of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in 2014. She said her love for Truong Sa and her patriotism have grown strongly.

"Our love for Truong Sa grows and we decided to do something meaningful for the archipelago," said Artist Ho Lien.

Images of the soldiers and citizens who spare no effort in protecting the country’s sacred seas and skies urged Lien and her partners on the trip to form the Truong Sa voluntary group once they were back on the mainland.

Over the past eight years, the voluntary group has joined hands with local authorities and organisations to build 50 houses for the poor and present 100 bank savings books to martyrs’ relatives, lonely elders, and former young volunteers in difficult circumstances.

It also spent some 860,000 USD on supporting families affected by natural disasters and building bridges for local people in mountainous areas.

A sense of patriotism through voluntary work has also inspired young Vietnamese living abroad.

Eight years is not a long journey, but their patriotism has encouraged members of the voluntary group to continue their work to bring love to the country’s sacred islands./.