The Mekong Delta province of Vinh Long will expand the cultivation area of Nam Roi grapefruit – a famous specialty of the province - to reach Global Good Agriculture Practice (Global GAP) standards.

According to Tran Son, deputy head of the provincial Centre for Agriculture Encouragement, farmers are advised to increase their Nam Roi My Hoa Binh Minh grapefruit of the standards by 20-30 hectares per year.

Currently, Vinh Long has 7,780 hectares of grapefruit area, accounting for 16 percent of the total area under perennial trees, mainly focusing on the banks of Hau River in Binh Minh commune in Tam Binh district, where the weather conditions are best for the development of the grapefruit.

Son said the current price of the fruit applying the Global GAP process is higher than normal ones, varying from 10,000 VND – 30,000 VND per kilogram, up 20 percent over the same period last year.

Earlier in February, 26 hectares of grapefruits of the Nam Roi My Hoa Binh Minh cooperative were re-recognised with a Global GAP certificate.

The National Office of Intellectual Property also recognised the protection of geographical indications for the fruit in August last year, allowing more than 600 tonnes of Nam Roi grapefruit to be present in the supermarket system nationwide as well as foreign markets each year, he added.-VNA