Farmers from the Mekong Delta region have harvested 11 million tonnes of rice in the spring-winter crop, an increase of 200,000 tonnes against the previous one.

According to the Steering Committee for the southwestern region, the outcome is a result of local efforts in zoning off areas for cultivation and equipping farmers with techniques and useful scientific measures to prevent grain diseases from spreading.

Regional localities have also been proactive in carrying out irrigation and drainage work, the committee said.

As the nation’s key rice producer, the Mekong Delta has been tasked with ensuring the country’s food security.

From now to 2030, the region is growing rice across an area of 1.8 million ha, more than half of which is for export. It is also striving to maintain an annual output of 24-25 million tonnes of rice.

The Mekong Delta, the country’s largest rice granary, comprises of 12 provinces and one centrally-run city with a total area of 40,000 square kilometres and a combined population of 18 million.-VNA