National plan designed to cope with radiation, nuclear incidents hinh anh 1A drill on responding to radiation and nuclear incidents in Thai Nguyen in 2016 (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA)Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has issued a national plan to cope with radiation and nuclear incidents, aiming to set up a system with clear responsibility allocation as well as management and coordination mechanisms among organisations and individuals involving in the work.

The plan will ensure the preparation of technical infrastructure, equipment, tools and human resources for timely and effective response to the incidents, thus minimising loss in human, environment and property.

It will also make sure the direction and management over the settlement of the incidents in a systematic, specific, proactive and timely principle that is also suitable to real developments of the incidents.

The national organisation system for the work comprises the National Committee for responding to incidents, natural disasters, and search and rescue, which acts as an interdisciplinary coordinator for incident response at national, regional and international scale, a site command station, national organisations engaging in the incidents, and technical supporting teams directed by the committee.

An information collecting system will be run by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which will gather information on incidents happening outside Vietnam and posing risks to people and the environment in the country through the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as well as information exchange channels among countries or the national system for environment radiation monitoring and warning.

The ministry will verify the accuracy of the information and evaluate the nature and danger level of the incidents, thus seeking measures to respond to them and request for international help.

The ministry must report to the National Committee for responding to incidents, natural disasters, and search and rescue in case of deploying responses to the incidents or asking for foreign support.
According to the plan, an official announcement on the ending of actions responding to the incidents will be made to the public when seven conditions are satisfied, including measures to ensure safety for the community after the actions terminated.-VNA