The Ok Om Bok Festival, a jubilant occasion with a range of traditional rituals and one of the three typical festivals of the Khmer people took place in southern Tra Vinh province on November 28.

Moon prayers, said to protect the Khmer people’s crops and bring favourable weather conditions and bumper harvests, were performed on stage with a meticulous art performance that was the highlight of the festival.

Visitors partook in a ritual releasing flower garlands and coloured lanterns, and marched around Ba Om Pond.

Spectators witnessed for the first time the erection of eight common houses at Ba Om Pond. It showcased agricultural tools, antiques and outstanding cultural economic achievements recorded by local people from eight districts and cities.

Earlier on the same day, a series of sporting activities and traditional games raised the atmosphere at the festival.

The festival took place from November 24 to 28, and included national-level boat and motor races.-VNA