The US branch of the Business Association of Overseas Vietnamese (BAOOV) will offer the best assistance to Vietnamese companies wishing to do business in the US, affirmed its President David Huy Ho.

David suggested Vietnamese businesses, especially those with products sold in the US, establish their offices in the country.

Although some US companies have set up their business ties with Vietnamese companies, US businesses in general lack information about their Vietnamese partners, he told Vietnam News Agency.

The presence of Vietnam’s companies in the US will expand new business opportunities for US firms that have yet entered Vietnam’s market, he said.

The Vietnam Commerce Centre, which was set up by BAOOV US branch in Baltimore city of Marryland State, will assist Vietnamese companies in their efforts to do business in the US, David said.

US branch members will also share their experiences in successful business in the US; help Vietnamese companies in business registration and application for visa extension and provide them with business and marketing training and seek contracts with US importers, he said.

Founded in April 12, 2010, the branch has established its representative offices in Virginia, Texas and California.

It will double its staff from the current figure of more than 100, connect small and medium sized businesses of the US and Vietnam to boost trade ties, help Vietnamese businesses set up offices in the Vietnam Commerce Centre in the US and form a group of Vietnamese scientists working in the US to promote bilateral scientific and technological cooperation./.