Inspectors from the Ministry of Science and Technology have fined 678 petrol and liquidified petroleum gas (LPG) dealers a total of over 5.3 billion VND (254,000 USD) after three months of investigation into fraud allegations.

Violations included fraudulent metering of weights and measures, selling substandard products, and trademark violations, including companies making unauthorised and misleading use of the Petrolimex brand designation.

These were announced at a conference on November 1 reviewing the results of inspections of over 5,200 petrol and LPG dealers nationwide.

The number of distributors found in violation therefore accounted for 13 percent of the total, including 508 petrol dealers and 107 LPG distributors.

The inspection team also revoked the licences of 56 gas dealers and 32 petrol stations, the ministry said./.VNA