Pokemon Go might pose security threat: Malaysian tech expert hinh anh 1Pokemon Go might be harmful and pose security threat if gamers use the WiFi facility provided at government premises (Photo: Bernama)

Kuala Lumpur (VNA) - Pokemon Go, a location-based augmented reality game, might be harmful and pose security threat if gamers use the WiFi facility provided at government premises.

If the ‘monster hunters’ used public WiFi at government offices, the IP (internet protocol) address would be exposed to Internet hackers, making it easy for them to obtain vital government information for various reasons, said Onemyr Awareness Management director Mohd Ridzman Azzahari.

He said the most important thing is not to abuse office WiFi for any personal reason, including playing the Pokemon Go. The relevant authorities must monitor this before it gets worse.

Echoing similar view was a CyberSecurity Malaysia spokesman who advised users to equip themselves with knowledge and procedures in using the Internet and mobile applications in a positive manner.

The users should be ethical and prudent to ensure their safety and data stored in their digital devices, he said.

Mohd Ridzman, who is also information technology consultant, said Malaysia cannot take other countries as examples to judge and ban this game. Instead, there should be a guideline on prohibiting this game to be played at certain places such as government offices and security areas.

A study should be conducted on the level of obsession among the users and problems that might arise due to this game, he added.

Malaysian Minister of Communications and Multimedia Salleh Said Keruak said the country would not object to or prohibit the game from entering the country.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar was reported as saying the game would be banned if it was found to have gambling and intelligence elements that might pose a threat to national security.

Pokemon Go stirred a controversy in the country after the game application was made available for Android and iOS users there on August 6.

The application, developed by Niantic Incorporation of Nintendo USA, was well-received extraordinarily when over 75 million people downloaded the game worldwide.-VNA