President Nguyen Minh Triet has sent a congratulatory letter to the recent winner of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Letter Writing competition, Ho Thi Hieu Hien.

Hien, who is in 7th grade at Tay Son Secondary School in central Da Nang City 's Hai Chau district, was the first student in Vietnam to win the prize in the 20 years that the country has taken part in the competition.

In the letter, President Triet wrote that he was touched at Hien's thoughtful and affectionate writing about the 2010 competition theme which was: "Write a letter to someone to explain why it is important to talk about AIDS and to protect yourself against the disease."

"I believe your letter will be a torch to relieve pain and wipe out the problem of discrimination against people living with AIDS and will be a wake up call for unconcerned people," Triet wrote.

The President expressed his wish for the winner to reap further success in her studies and said she deserved the title ‘Uncle Ho's niece'./.