Regulations issued for shipment of national treasures abroad hinh anh 1Bronze Dong Son tomb figure of a kneeling lamp bearer, one of Vietnam's national treasures. (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The Prime Minister has issued a decision regulating the shipment of national treasures abroad for exhibition, research or conservation purposes on a temporary basis.

The decision target all ministries, central-level political and socio-political organisations, municipal and provincial People’s Committees, public and private-owned museums, owners or operators of cultural and historical relics and owners of national treasures.

A national treasure is only allowed to be brought abroad for three purposes as follows:

1- To serve diplomatic missions at State-level of the Party General Secretary, the President, the Prime Minister and the National Assembly Chairman.

2- To promote Vietnam’s culture, history, people and landscapes abroad under important international cooperation programmes.

3- To be subject to scientific research or conservation programmes in relations to national treasures.

The transport of national treasures abroad must comply with Article No.44 of the Law on Cultural Heritage.

A plan must be developed to detail the transport and storage of the property while it is abroad as well as its return to Vietnam so as to ensure the object’s safety and avoid any damage.

The value of the transported national treasures should be determined in cash equivalent in order to buy insurance for the objects.