The annual report of Vietnamese enterprises 2013 is one of the important documents helping enterprises and policy makers understand clearly the situation of development of Vietnamese enterprises through the years and on this basis, build the suitable orientations to serve the development of business in Vietnam, according to the Authority of Foreign Information Service.

The report, themed “Developing enterprises and growth quality” was compiled by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in coordination with the Economic Commission of the National Assembly and the World Bank (WB).

The report analyses the development of enterprises from three main angles and these are also three important pillars deciding the quality of growth of the economy: economic structure, competitiveness and operational efficiency in different degrees, namely enterprises, economic area and the whole economy.

In 2014, 50.7% of enterprises under survey have got the plan of keeping their business scope; 42.5% of enterprises are able to expand their business scope; 6.7% possibly reduce their business scope and only 0.1% of enterprises is possibly to cease their operations.

According to the report, the elements making direct impact on the production and business situation in 2013 have got the tendency to markedly improve, obtaining 17 points, while this index of 2013 was put at 6 points only. This is the factor on accessing the technological market, the conditions of communication infrastructure and the factor on land supply, clearance of floor space for expansion of production. Especially the element on the utilities of infrastructure has been much improved as compared of the prediction of enterprises. However, some elements were predicted to be better in 2013, but in fact, it was yet to be improved as required by the domestic market and accessibility of loans.

On the other hand, the policy and macro operation in 2013 were judged as having been considerably improved as against 2012 (shown through the index of the whole legal environment and macro economy in 2013). Enterprises assessed that the quality of the legal provisions, the efficiency in implementing the policies and the administrative procedures relating to enterprises, the improvement of attitude and the sense of responsibility of the officials in power, the stability of the legal environment and the economic operation have seen a lot of changes for the better.

With the expansion of production and business scope, economic prospect is being judged as being better and Vietnam has got advantages in supplying competitive labour. Enterprises have also focused on carrying out the restructure of enterprises for better operation.

At the ceremony to make public the report, the VCCI recommended that to develop enterprises and have growth quality, the State needs to set up the suitable sector and State economic structure, thus servicing effectively business and developing competitiveness of each locality and of the country.

To this end, the main points in restructuring the credit institutions should be carried out synchronously and consistently with the orientation of restructuring public investment, the State-owned enterprises and the credit institutions.

On the other hand, it is necessary to build the institution to encourage and orientate investment in accordance with the signal of the market, by diversifying export, expanding the domestic market, forming the supply chain and establishing the competitive market.

It is also necessary to increase the scientific and technological content and the volume of domestic value in products through investment and innovation of technology, the transfer of knowledge and attraction of FDI; to select a number of sectors of competitiveness so as to give priority to development, focusing on development of a number of enterprises with business efficiency and with the medium and larger sizes; to build favourable and equal investment environment in the direction of imposing the market discipline on all the economic sectors and enhance the capacity of the State managerial apparatus. Besides, it is necessary to develop high-quality human resources.

In terms of enterprises, it is necessary to pay attention to and make constant update of the Government’s policies so as to make full use of the support, continue to implement vigorously the process of restructuring enterprises, enhance the absorption of investment capital by the business strategy, pay attention to balancing the money flow, building, reviewing and having the mechanism to tightly supervising the system of expenditures in the process of production and business; to enhance the linkage in business, especially enterprises with the same professions, to raise the capacity of accessibility and expand the market.-VNA