The final round of the 2012 Robocon Vietnam contest got underway at Military Zone 7′s stadium in Ho Chi Minh City on May 8.

The final round, which will finish on May 13 includes 32 teams. The winners will represent Vietnam at the Asian Broadcasting Union’s Robocon in Hong Kong in August later this year.

With the theme, Peng On Dai Gat (Peace and Prosperity), the metal competitors will have to climb a tower to pick up lucky dumplings.

The robots controller has to sit on and drive another robot at the same time. Then another robot has to take buns from the first and the second level and deposit them in a basket. After that the operator’s robot has to lift the other robot up, in order to put the buns in a second, higher basket.

At the same time, the 2012 Robocon Techshow will take place from May 7-13, to encourage students to manufacture high-tech products.

The Robocon qualifying rounds, which took place earlier this month in Da Nang , HCM City and Hanoi, attracted 235 teams.

The competition is organised by Toyota Motors Vietnam, which has sponsored the contest for the last 11 years.-VNA